Time Capsules

We all experienced the 2020 - 2021 school year in a very unique way.  That is why the PJSPA felt it was important to capture this very unique time...in a capsule!  Every grade level put together a Time Capsule capturing what that school year meant to them.  Student's contribution to the capsule showcases what they thought was important and what they want their "future selves" to know about their present self.  

The Gala auction winners of 2021 got to bury their grade capsules on campus at the end of the year showcases.  Each family will then be invited back, no matter where their lives have taken them, in the designated year to dig up their class capsule and reveal the mysteries and memories inside! 



Time Capsule Winning Families

5th Grade

 Oesterle Family

0pen in 2022

4th Grade

 Matchett Family
0pen in 2023

3rd Grade

 Wu Family
0pen in 2024

2nd Grade

 Matchett Family
0pen in 2025

1st Grade

 Murali Family
0pen in 2026


 Oesterle Family
0pen in 2027


Zweig Family

0pen in 2028

Nashed Family

0pen in 2028

Wilkinson Family

0pen in 2029