Bonfire Night!!!

The annual PJS St. Martin's Day Bonfire Event took place on Saturday November 13th.  Our campus was filled with warmth, not only from the bonfire, but from the families and the whole PJS community that took part of it.  The weather gave us a scare, however it cleared up just in time for us to enjoy a wonderful night together.

If you missed it, the Lantern Parade & the Bonfire Lighting were live streamed on our private PJS families page!

A Big Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who helped plan and execute the big night and to those that volunteered to work the bonfire stations and shifts!

A special shoutout and recognition to 2 MVPs of the night:

Adrian Matchett and Rachel Parker

Adrian Matchett, our Events Coordinator, transformed the campus yet again!

Adrian also never gave up hope on the weather, keeping calm and optimistic, helping to push the event through!

Rachel Parker was a Rockstar leading up to the event and throughout the whole night, lending a hand until the lights went off! 

Thank you Adrian and Rachel and to all those that took part behind and in front of the screen!

Bonfire TY.jpeg
Bonfire Night Map.jpeg